Treasure Hunt Tábor - Team Building in the Hussite City

Treasure Hunt Tábor - Team Building in the Hussite City

Treasure Hunt Tábor game invites you to discover the secrets and legends of the Hussite city.

This team building activity, truly a treat for all adventurers, will draw you into the heart of South Bohemia, the second largest city in the region.

Don't be deterred by its size; instead, look forward to an exciting game that can be considered a true tribute to history and culture.

Uncover the Treasures of Tábor City

The team building program, like Treasure Hunt, will lead you to places full of history. Not only will you enjoy the thrill of hunting for treasures using a modern map app on a tablet, but you'll also explore the mysterious nooks and landmarks of Tábor.

40 treasures of this city await you, and ideally, you should allocate about 2.5 hours to discover them.

Fun, Competition, and Team Building

One of the main advantages of the Treasure Hunt game is its universality and flexibility. This game doesn't require any special skills or knowledge, allowing participants of all age groups and professions to join in.

As a result, it becomes an ideal tool for team building events, where the focus is on strengthening team collaboration, communication, and strategic thinking.

An Adventure Full of Tasks and Challenges

Treasure Hunt Tábor will guide you through the city using a tablet and TerraHunt map app. During the game, you'll solve various tasks and puzzles that will pave your way to the treasures.

At the same time, they offer a deeper insight into the city's history and culture. Each task is unique, guaranteeing fun and excitement.

On the Trail of the Hussites

The historic center of Tábor is full of references to its rich past. One of the city's most famous symbols is undoubtedly the Hussite Museum.

Visiting this place, you can immerse yourself in the Hussite wars and learn more about the Tábor Hussites, who played a key role in this historical period.

You shouldn't miss Žižka Square either. Named after the famous Hussite leader, this square is the heart of the city.

It's dominated by the imposing town hall and significant landmarks such as the Deanery Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord or historic houses with arcades. Every corner of this square is steeped in history.

The underground of Tábor is one of the city's most intriguing attractions. The complex of underground tunnels, which served the city's inhabitants as a refuge and storage space, offers a unique experience.

Corporate Event with Team Program

Treasure Hunt Tábor offers you a unique opportunity to explore the history and culture of this fascinating city through an exciting game.

Accept the challenge and dive into an adventure filled with discoveries and mysteries. Tábor and its treasures await you.