Treasure Hunt Žilina - Team Building Activity Near Malá Fatra

Treasure Hunt Žilina - Team Building Activity Near Malá Fatra

If you're looking for a way to explore the beauties of the Slovakian city of Žilina while having fun and testing your puzzle-solving skills, then Treasure Hunt Žilina is just for you.

This team building activity will take you to the heart of the city, where you can discover its history and culture while searching for treasures hidden throughout the town.

Discover the Magic of Žilina

Žilina, a city located at the confluence of the Kysuca and Váh rivers and near the Malá Fatra mountain range, is an inspiring location for the team building activity Treasure Hunt.

During the game, you'll have the opportunity to visit some of the city's most renowned places, such as Mariánské Square with its two fountains and imposing town hall, Burian's Tower, and the wooden Church of St. George.

Treasure Hunting Using the Gaming Platform

With the help of a tablet and a map app, you can find up to 42 treasures. The entire program lasts about 2 hours, giving you ample time to immerse yourself in the city's ambiance while enjoying the thrill of treasure hunting.

Corporate Event in Žilina

The game mainly takes place in the center of Žilina, where most treasures are located. The gaming area ends to the north in Budatín Park at the confluence of the Váh and Kysuca rivers. On the other side of the city, you'll likely end up near the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

There's also a treasure located near the wooden Church of St. George, which is a bit further away. However, teams that answer the question correctly will be rewarded with extra points.

Starting Point for the Team Building Program

You can begin the game at Mariánské Square or in one of the parks, such as Sad SNP near Hotel Slovan. This park even has a small shelter that can be used in case of bad weather.

The game's commencement can be arranged almost anywhere; we can even come directly to your hotel.

Your Journey

During the Treasure Hunt Žilina activity, you choose your route and plan which treasures and in what order you'll visit.

This allows you to explore the city according to your preferences while enjoying the excitement of treasure hunting.

5 Must-Visit Places in Žilina

1. Historic City Center

Žilina is renowned for its rich historical center. Mariánské Square, a well-preserved square with arcades, the Church of the Conversion of St. Paul, and the statue of the Virgin Mary, is one of the most significant places worth visiting.

2. Budatín Castle

Budatín Castle, established during the Baroque period, is another must-visit in Žilina. This castle stands as a testament to the city's rich history and culture..

3.Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is one of the most important religious sites in Žilina. This church was renovated in the 18th century and has served as a cathedral since 2008.

4. Považská Gallery and Považské Museum

For art and history enthusiasts, the Považská Gallery and Považské Museum are essential stops. These institutions offer a rich selection of artworks and historical exhibits.

5. Žilina Reservoir

For those seeking active entertainment, the Žilina Reservoir and its surroundings provide an ideal environment for various sports activities. Here, you can try skating, running, cycling, or cross-country skiing in the winter.

Corporate Team Building

If you're ready for an adventure and want to explore Žilina in an entirely new way, then Treasure Hunt Žilina is the program for you.

This team game offers not only the chance to explore the city and its history but also promises fun and tests your puzzle-solving skills.

So, don't hesitate, contact us, and experience an adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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