Virtual Conference vs. Physical Conference

Virtual Conference vs. Physical Conference

The covid pandemic has taught us to "meet" online. But sometimes you need to feel the atmosphere, see something for yourself, touch it.

Which is better? Conferencing from the online world or off-line?

Advantages online

It is said that "time is money". And it's true. There is no doubt that one of the main reasons to hold conferences virtually is the fact that it saves time and therefore money.

You don't have to plan complicated travel there and back. You won't be held up by traffic jams or car breakdowns. Everything is uniquely simple. You sit comfortably in your chair and click the "Connect" button.

In an environmentally conscious age, hosting a conference using an online method is also a sign of consideration for energy, the finances of the company hosting the conference and the impact of travel on the environment we live in.

A fact that few companies have addressed so far, but is now becoming fashionable.

The benefits of off-line

If we talk about the advantages of virtual conferences, it is also necessary to mention their disadvantages, or the advantages of those held physically or off-line.

As outlined above, some things we need to see for ourselves and feel for ourselves. Business is not only about numbers, presentations and contracts, but also about trust, the willingness to go for something because of someone. And you simply can't do that without a face-to-face meeting.

The ancient King Solomon, famous for his wisdom, wealth and connections, among other things, wrote: "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens his friend." Physically held conferences allow you to sense the emotions, moods and feelings of those you are dealing with.

You can learn more than just the bare facts through them. You can see beyond the business. You can sense the subtle nuances that will ultimately determine your success or failure.

When we ask about the benefits of physical conferences, we must not forget what has always been a part of such conferences.

We cannot fail to mention the rich refreshments, friendly hostesses, live music or a small gift. You can't get a full taste of all this in the online world.

Physical conference or online conference?

Each option has its advantages. The times are changing and so do we. If you want to host a conference yourself, think carefully about what you're after.

And if you're invited to a conference, try to make the most of the conference format.