Biggest, oldest and most expensive - what do chocolate records look like?

Biggest, oldest and most expensive - what do chocolate records look like?

The popular sweet treat was known to the Aztecs and Mayans 4,000 years ago, who drank chocolate in its melted form. Since then, chocolate has come a long way and has become a popular treat. What are the most interesting chocolate records?

In the past, chocolate was one of the most expensive delicacies for the appetites of the upper classes. However, during the 19th century, the cocoa bean product made its way to the tables of the ordinary population.

Author: Michal Cemper

The first chocolate was created in the 19th century

Chocolate in its present form was first made by Joseph Storrs' factory in Bristol. The year was 1847 and the first bar of hard chocolate left the kitchen. The first milk chocolate came from the Swiss Daniel Peter, who used milk powder in 1875.

Fondant Schokolade - chocolate that melts on the tongue - is also popular. This was first made by Rudolf Lindt in 1879. And the last form of chocolate, the praline, was invented in 1912 by the Belgian Jean Neuhaus and his wife.

The most expensive chocolate is not from Switzerland

The world's most expensive chocolate costs incredible 6,000 EUR per kilogram. Three chocolate pralines containing rare Tahitian vanilla and Jamaican coffee were prepared by confectioner Philippe Conticini for the Indian company Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to taste these chocolates as they are in private collections. However, the lumps of confectioner Fritz Knipchildt are available. For a blend of 70% Valhrona dark chocolate, French Perigord truffle oil, cream and vanilla you will pay 200 EUR per piece.

Over 4 tons of chocolate in one place

The world's largest chocolate was produced in 2010 by Armenian manufacturer Karen Vardanyan. The 4,410 kilograms of chocolate measure 560 centimetres in length, 275 centimetres in width and are 25 centimetres high.

His factory in Yerevan produced the chocolate to celebrate 10 years of the company's founding and offered it free to sweet lovers in the square. On this occasion, the giant chocolate was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest in the world.

The special flavours pull

How are chocolate and its flavours faring? The most popular flavours include bitter, hazelnut and milk. But there are also unusual chocolate flavours. Picky eaters like lavender or green tea chocolate. The latter is particularly popular in Asian countries.

But the list of flavours does not end there. In some Czech shops you can find, for instance, chocolate flavoured with liver or horseradish. But we are talking about flavours for the truly adventurous ones.


The oldest surviving chocolate

A chocolate bar over 120 years old has only recently been discovered by scientists. The estate of the poet Banjo Peterson contained chocolate in a box with a portrait of Queen Victoria.

She sent the sweet as a tribute to the soldiers who fought in the Boer War. The tablet is now in the care of scientists.