What does the word "creativity" actually mean?

What does the word "creativity" actually mean?

Creativity means inventiveness. It can refer to a unique ability or a whole set of abilities. The expression of creativity leads to creations, whether tangible or mental, that are completely original, new, and innovative.

Creative people are highly sought after and valued in the job market today.

Author: Hana Šormová

Are you already quietly sighing, wondering why you didn't receive this miraculous gift of creativity? Don't despair, creativity is not a talent gifted from the God.

What is meant by the term creativity

Creativity is the introduction of your own thoughts and feelings into your original ideas.

Creativity encompasses imagination and cleverness when you come up with a solution to a difficult task. Discipline, when you complete tasks assigned by yourself or someone else.

Curiosity, if you ask yourself how to overcome an upcoming obstacle. And most importantly, perseverance and collaboration.

Don't give up after the first unsuccessful attempt and accept feedback.

Creativity is like a sport, it can be trained

Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of functioning, even a way of thinking. Some people are born with a partially developed ability to be creative, some with a fully developed one.

However, the creative process can be trained like a muscle. Just as you see results in the form of shaping muscles by regularly repeating physical exercise, it is the same with creativity.

Fortunately, unlike physical exercise, creativity training is not at all painful or strenuous.

This process is playful and fun. You will not only be happy with your results, but also have a lot of fun during the creativity training itself.

4 Factors That Help Us with Creativity

The first factor that helps us with creativity is space. A person should not be under pressure to create creative thoughts and values.

The next factor is time. To the space, we need a certain defined period of time. And time again. We must give our minds the longest possible time span to come up with something original.

Very important is also self-confidence. Nothing will stop our minds as much as fear of a possible mistake. So don't be afraid to make it.

The last and one of the most important factors is humor. Incorporating humor in any creation is a prerequisite for creative and imaginative work.

How to Train Creativity

Create and try new things. Try to find a new perspective on any problem you are solving. Don't be afraid to play with new ideas and think in context.

Accept the risk of a mistake and don't be discouraged by possible failure. Do what you enjoy. Ask questions and look for what the problem is related to.

Find your motivation and try to improve it

Find your personal creative moment

Although many once claimed that creativity is like a talent that only a few are born with, the opposite is true. Creativity is not a talent, but a way of functioning that you can train.

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