Wine Adventure with TerraHunt Gaming Platform

Wine Adventure with TerraHunt Gaming Platform

Welcome to the world of wine and experiences! I am Lenka Maloňová, a sommelier at Vican Winery in South Moravia.

Today, I will share my story of how I combined my love for wine with modern marketing strategies and introduced a completely new type of entertainment to our winery.

Thinking About Innovations

As a sommelier, I was constantly looking for ways to invigorate our winery and stand out from the competition.

I wanted to offer visitors more than just a wine tasting – an experience they would take home and remember for a long time.

Collaboration with Z-AGENCY

The idea came when I learned about Z-AGENCY and their gaming platform TerraHunt. I realized that combining wine and games could be exactly what I was looking for.

I envisioned visitors exploring our vineyards, solving puzzles, and learning about wine in a fun way.

Creating the Game and Training

I contacted Z-AGENCY and together we started working on creating a game specifically for our winery. It was exciting and inspiring.

I trained in using the platform and gradually, a game emerged that combines knowledge about wine with adventure and fun.

Collecting Contacts and Marketing

Each player has to register during the game, allowing us to collect email addresses. This became a key tool for our subsequent marketing activities.

Now we can communicate more effectively with our visitors and offer them personalized events and information.

Success and Future Plans

The game became a huge hit. Visitors are thrilled, and more importantly, they are returning.

I realized that using modern gaming technology was a great choice.

Not only does it increase interest in our winery, but it also allows us to be innovative and keep up with the times.

The Experience You Deserve

I warmly invite you all to our Vican Winery to try our unique game and, of course, taste our exceptional wine.

Come and experience the combination of traditional wines and modern technology – an experience you truly deserve!