Do you know all the James Bond actors?

Do you know all the James Bond actors?

The author of the fictional British agent known as Agent 007 is writer Ian Fleming.

He brought the character to life with his first novel in 1952 and continued writing until his death in 1964. Most of his books have been adapted into films.

Six actors have played James Bond. Who were they and do you also know the contenders for future James Bond actors?

Author: Hana Šormová

1. The Rough Scot on the Screen - Sean Connery

James Bond as played by Sean Connery is considered by many to be the perfect embodiment of the male ideal.

This was certainly helped by the actor's athletic figure and the fact that Connery served in the Royal Navy. Sean even won one year of the Mr. Universe competition.

But the greatest fame came from the 6 films about Agent 007, setting a relatively high bar for his successors.

2. Bond from Australia - George Lazenby

Although this Australian actor only has one film in the role of James Bond (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), he handled the role and the difficult task perfectly.

Matching Sean was not easy, but he managed to do it, as evidenced by the good film ratings. However, his colleagues on the set couldn't stand his arrogance and conceit.

3. The London Painter - Roger Moore

It's a good thing Roger gave up on his originally intended profession. Roger wanted to be a famous London painter, but instead became the record holder among all the Bonds so far.

He shot 7 films, in which he was just as attractive as Connery.

4. Timothy Dalton who loves the theater stage

Timothy Dalton, a Welshman, rejected film producers' offers four times before accepting the role in two James Bond films (The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill).

He then happily returned to his beloved theater stage.

5. The Irish Gentleman - Pierce Brosnan

Because Irishman Pierce Brosnan was fully occupied with his successful TV series Remington Steel, he had to wait a few years before accepting the role of James Bond.

And it was worth it! He played Bond four times, although one of his Bond films wasn't very profitable.

6.The Liverpudlian - Daniel Craig

The choice for a new Bond was long awaited and surrounded by many speculations. In the end, the unknown Daniel Craig was chosen. His first Bond film was Casino Royale.

It took him a while to gain popularity among audiences, but he finally succeeded. He is expected to appear on the big screens at the end of this year.

Who will be the next Bond?

We know the current six 007 agents, but there are a lot of speculations around the seventh. According to film producer Barbara Broccoli, it is time for an actor who is not white.

Will it be British actor Idris Elba with black skin? He certainly doesn't deny the rumors. But he's not the only candidate for the next Bond.

Hollywood stars Tom Hardy or Henry Cavill could also become Bond. Less well-known Aidan Turner, who appears mostly in series, also has a chance.

However, a realistic possibility according to British media is that the next Bond will not be played by a man, but a woman. Will Gillian Anderson, famous for her role as agent Scully in the X-Files series, be the next Bond in a skirt?


Become the next Bond yourself

The whole world is waiting for each new film with Agent 007. Six actors have already played the lead role. Currently, speculation is rife as to who will be the seventh.

Will it be a black person, a Hollywood star, or maybe a woman?

We don't know, but for a moment you and your colleagues can become Bond in a team building program called "Like a James Bond."