Impacts of the coronavirus crisis on team working

Impacts of the coronavirus crisis on team working

The coronavirus crisis has hit the entire society. Working life has been stifled in most sectors and company management and employees have had to adapt in this unexpected situation. The epidemic and its consequences - from fear to forced isolation - penetrated the psyche of almost every individual and could have an impact on his work effort and team work.


One of the things affecting lives of almost every one of us was the limited freedom of movement. In addition to government-mandated measures, many companies have implemented a security regime sending their employees on home office, have organized meetings through video calls, and generally sought to limit people's encounters in the workplace to a minimum.

This could be a problem especially for tuned teams used to benefit from the creative atmosphere within the group. For creative minds in need of being inspired by mutual encounters and discussions, it was very difficult to suddenly adapt to a system of work in solitude and impersonal communication.


The epidemic was a completely new life experience everyone was dealing with in their own way. Experts warned against the increase in anxiety, depression or feelings of helplessness the crisis may have aroused in individuals.

Naturally, mental health problems carry fundamental risks related to health and the ability to behave normally both in everyday life and in the workplace. A sensitive approach and seeking the help of an expert is a matter of course in such a situation.


People who met every day did not see each other for weeks or even months. It is logical to assume that even groups working without problems will have to adjust after returning to their normal activities.

Other values

Many people claim the coronavirus crisis has allowed them to revise their priorities and look at their lives in perspective and with fresh eyes.

This can bring a lot of different outcomes: some may decide to leave their current place and look for a job making them happier, leaving their position free for newcomers. Others, however, can bring new ideas to the team and help steer the company and its philosophy in a new direction.

Either way, even in this case, it is appropriate to encourage the team to get back to the same page, share the same values ​​and pull together.

New challenges

In addition to the routine, team leaders in all fields will have to deal with many new issues in the coming months. In order for the working group to be able to respond effectively to new challenges, it will be necessary to take into account the experience gained by each individual in the team from the crisis and evaluate how the months-long epidemic affected the working of the team.

One of the options to achieve it are teambuilding events, which can, in addition to reuniting the team and verifying the qualities of the individuals, also bring a welcome fun and relief after a mentally demanding time.
If it is not possible to organize a similar meeting due to anti-epidemiological measures, the possibility of virtual teambuildings is offered, which will keep the group in contact and at the same time refresh the solitary tele-working.


Team is essential

Although the coronavirus epidemic has affected most of the companies operations negatively, the forced interrupt of the routine can be used to innovate, implement new ideas and get wind of change. With a quality team that managed to cope with the crisis and took it as an opportunity, it will be a joy.