With its location about 18 km from the Austrian border, Mikulov is the perfect city to start if you want to explore South Moravia and Lower Austria regions. Surrounding hills give you and the city’s over 7 thousand inhabitants many great opportunities for hiking and other recreational activities in the nature.

Author: Hana Šormová

Go for a longer hike to discover the natural and historical wonders of the Pavlov hills to the North of Mikulov or take a stroll up the “Holy Hill” or Turold hill, to enjoy a breath-taking view of this old city.  You will be able to see the small castle named Kozí hrádek, and the beautiful baroque chateau, one of the most visited sites of the city..

Ancient city in the new era

The first written notes on a settlement are from the very beginning of the 12th century. During that time, the Mikulov area was home for a blossoming trading post. Thanks to the ingenuity and success of its inhabitants, its importance increased a in 1410 it gained city privileges. This was a big step for once small merchant settlement, as it granted for example the right to brew beer, organize markets or execute its criminals. One of the most important sites of the city, the chateau, had many faces during the history. It started as a Romanesque castle, was reconstructed according to the Gothic architecture and gained today’s shape in the 17th century when it was remade into a breath-taking baroque chateau. 

The city and its chateau marked history. After the Battle of Austerlitz during the Napoleonic wars, the warring parties moved to Mikulov and it was here where the preliminary terms of the peace agreement were settled. Today, Mikulov is a lovely city with a rich cultural and social life, that is enjoyed not only by the locals, but also by the tourists from all around the world.

Historical and natural sites

The historical center of the city is a cultural heritage site. The ancient and more modern architecture speaks about the history of the city and the complicated but fascinating history of the region between Moravia and Austria. One of the testaments to itch rich past is a Jewish ghetto, that in the past comprised of over three hundred houses. Today you can visit the baroque synagogue, 45 houses protected as a cultural heritage and vast Jewish cemetery. If at any time you become hungry or thirsty, there is a vast range of opportunities to test local traditional or modern gastronomy in restaurants and cafés that you will find at almost every corner. 

A nice short walk from the city you will find the already mentioned baroque chateau, where you can visit the permanent expositions, but also take part in diverse cultural events, such as traditional wine harvest festivities.One could think that it would be possible to stroll in the picturesque and history-breathing streets of Mikulov forever. But it would be a shame not to venture outside the city to the beautiful nature, fill the lungs with fresh air and the eyes with breath-taking views of the city from above and the surrounding hills.  We recommend taking a walk to the ruins of Kozí hrádek and take up the challenge to go up to the “Holy Hill”, where you will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery with a spiritual twist, as there is a chapel of Saint Sebastian and a belfry, as well as smaller chapels on the up.

What more can Mikulov offer

The biggest cultural and societal event in the life of Mikulov are the annual wine harvest celebrations. For several days the whole Mikulov rejoices in the usually bountiful harvest of the wine grapes, celebrating the event with live music, performances, torchlight procession, organized hikes or special tours of the city. During the entire year, there are lots of options for different sport activities.

Apart from hiking you can enjoy playing tennis, horse riding or, during the summer, try windsurfing on the Nové Mlýny reservoirs. You can enjoy your teambuilding events in the Mikulov city itself, in some of the hotels on the Pavlov hills or in the park of the Lednice Castle.

How to get there and where to stay

If you are taking your car or a rented bus, you can take the D2 highway to reach the city comfortably. There is a regional train line from Břeclav to Znojmo, and of course you can use the regional bus lines or take a train from the Brno city. The city of Mikulov loves its tourists, so there is an abundance of choices for accommodation, from simple family-based pensions to luxury hotels.

Regional specialities

The Pavlov hills and the whole of South Moravia is famous for its wine making, so you shouldn’t forget to visit one of the wine cellars and taste the local “Pálava” wine, famous for its rich and sweet taste, or any other wines that are being produced here. Most of the wine cellars and productions are owned by families for multiple generations, and the wine masters are always happy to tell you more about the secrets of wine making and wine drinking. 

With its historical city center, traditional gastronomy, baroque chateau and beautiful nature all around, Mikulov is one of the must-see small cities of Czech Republic.