City of Brno

City of Brno
cultural and congress centre of South Moravia

Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic and also administrative and business centre of South Moravia. Its location connects cities such as Prague, Bratislava, Vienna or Ostrava and it is easily accessible from highway. This makes the city a logical choice to organize corporate events and conferences of companies, whose employees or business partners are arriving at the event from all over the Czech Republic or abroad. 

City of Brno has fourteen universities with thirty four faculties and that ranks this city among the most important education provider in Central Europe.

Historical center

Historical center of Brno offers to all art lovers exactly what their soul desires. Dominant structure is without any doubt the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, which is a national monument and it gives a characteristic panorama to a all well known Brno postcards and posters. The second important structure is the Spilberk castle, which was founded in 13th century by the Czech king Premysl Otakar II. Other cultural destinations can be the Bishop´s Court, Capucin Crypt in the basement of Capucin Church of the Holy Cross, Church of St. James or historical building of the National Theatre in Brno. Enthusiasts for Czech functionalism architecture can look forward to Vila Tugendhat, which is a unique functionalist work of German architect Ludwig Miese van der Rohe and since 2001 it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Brno centre was simply predetermined for our Treasure Hunt program because of its huge cultural wealth.


You may find a wide range of accommodation options in Brno. You can use the luxurious four-star and easily accessible hotel facilities such as Barceló Brno Palace, Grand Hotel Brno, Hotel Continental or Courtyard by Marriott Brno. You can also stay in many hotels and guesthotels of middle category and in case of pressure on your budget it is not a problem to find low-cost accommodation.

The availability of other locations for corporate events

In Brno centre it is possible to organize many corporate programs, both indoor and outdoor. However the main advantage of this location is the distance from other popular locations such as Lednice-Valtice area (Lednice, Palava, Mikulov), Moravian Karst, Olomouc and more. These popular locations are available in the time interval from thirty to sixty minutes by car and that allows visitors accommodated in Brno to enjoy their corporate event even more by visiting other areas.

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