Capital Prague

Capital Prague
Mother of hundreds of towers and congress certainty

Prague the capital city of Czech Republic, is known as the heart of Europe and home of many UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Any architecture, history and gastronomy lover can’t miss visiting this breathtaking city. Visit to Prague is best savored if paired with our Treasure Hunt team competition or Chocolate Day teambuilding program. There are not many cities in the world where getting lost is a more pleasurable experience that in Prague. Wander through the Old Town to marvel at the famous astronomical clock, explore narrow Jewish streets known from the novels by Franz Kafka.

A walk in history

Take a stroll over Gothic Charles Bridge providing safe passage over the glittering Vltava river since 14th century and see artists from around the world draw inspiration from Prague and its beauty. Journey up the Petřín hill, a sacred place for all lovers, and climb the lookout tower to see the maze of streets and roofs. The lifeline of Prague is the Vltava river, the longest river within Czech Republic. You can enjoy a beautiful sightseeing cruise or even a party on the boat!

Culture and high dining at your fingertips

Prague is also heaven for history and culture lovers - it offers many museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas and other cultural institutions. After a visit to the National Museum or the Rudolfinum, tourists can explore a variety of world-class restaurants and traditional Czech Pubs.

How to get there and where to stay

Visitors who decide to enjoy Prague for more than one day can choose from many hotels, pensions and apartments to stay in, from hostels and three-star hotels to luxurious five-star residences. As a capital city, Prague is easily reachable via all modes of transport. Visitors from around the world fly to the Václav Havel Airport, but if you are not coming from too far away, you can easily get to Prague using your car, train or public buses that come to Prague from all major cities in Europe and of course Czech Republic.

What else can Prague offer?  

Prague will steal your heart with its diversity, breathtaking architecture, high culture, romantic nooks and wide range of fun activities to experience. Many of programs in our offer can be organized right in the historical city  center - such as active educational team building activity Treasure Hunt, or relaxing workshop for those with sweet tooth Chocolate Day. If you want to run with Indiana Jones or destroy the threat to the Universe in Star Wars, we can recommend other venues close to this beautiful city. Whichever team building activity you choose, visiting Prague is always a treat for your eyes, soul and stomach.

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