Galactic Mission
Star Wars team building

Galactic team building. Travel from planet to planet and overcome challenges that awaits you. Become disciples of the legendary Darth Vader.
Event length 3-5 hours
Number of people 30-300
Physical demands medium
Financial demands medium

About event

The Galactic Mission team building program is inspired by the famous sci-fi stories like Star Wars, Star Trek or The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy. You will be one of Darth Vader´s apprentices and step by step you will travel through all planets of the universe. This corporate event is full of humor, hyperbole and all participants will experience what it´s like to become a galactic hero for one day.

Principles and progress of the corporate event

The Galactic Mission is a program that combines cooperation within a team as well as competition between groups. After the opening motivation participants are divided into groups of apprentices. Then they compete to win the favor of Darth Vader in many attractive tasks on individual posts which symbolize different planets of the galaxy. Two groups meet on each planet and try to get as many points as possible for the final evaluation. Each team has its own stylishly dressed and masked instructor that adds a cosmic atmosphere to the whole program.

Outdoor team building with a powerful story

Motivation, stylization and storyline of the program are built on a role and a real costume of Darth Vader (who is known from the Star Wars) and also instructors, who constantly motivate everyone and keep participants in galactic traveling atmosphere. You can find a lots of humor in the storyline, motivation and corporate event itself but also an ironic look at the present time full of bureaucrats who are often insurmountable obstacles in a real world.

Which posts and planets are waiting for you?

This program combines sporty, intellectual and purely fun activities. Two groups meet each other on every single post and at the same time they are continuously switching with other teams. With this system the participants meet everyone so they are not isolated by completing tasks in the same group. Participants can look forward to unique activities such as Angry Birds, Imperial League, Crate Challenge, Double Bungee and more.

Suitable places for realization

The Galactic mission is an universal program suitable for realization in almost any conditions. Ideal place would be some recreational resorts and hotels with a sufficiently large grassy areas and a forest nearby. We can recommend a suitable object based on your requirements for the location, price range, accommodation quality and other services.

Stylized costumes, masks, makeups and gift items

The basis of the program is also to have very attractive costumes and masks of the team building instructors. Stylized T-shirts with event logo are ready for everyone and the winners are rewarded with lightsabers from Darth Vader himself.

Program realization for international teams

Program can be fully prepared in Czech and English. If you are not interested in outdoor program but you like the galactic theme, you can try our indoor stylized Christmas party, which is organized in the same spirit as Galactic mission.

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