beautiful architecture and a melting pot of different cultures

Christmas markets, beautiful architecture and a melting pot of different cultures. All of that in one city just few kilometers from Czech Republic. Vienna is one the most visited cities in the world, and rightfully so. Its historical, architectural and cultural uniqueness was awarded in 2001, when the city center was added to the list of UNESCO´s World Heritage List. More than that, Vienna was selected as the best city to live in for eight consecutive years! We appreciate its unique atmosphere and seemingly infinite possibilities too, and we want to offer our clients the opportunity to discover Vienna with our team building programs. 

Rich history

Vienna is not only the center of modern tourism, but has also a long and rich history. First evidence of human settlement in this area are from 2000 years B.C. Thanks to convenient natural surroundings and hard and smart work of its inhabitants, the area thrived and later the city of Vienna became the capital of Austria in 1155. With the new queen Maria Theresa from the middle of the 18. century, Vienna continued on its journey to become first class European metropolis. The forward-looking and culture-loving soul of the Austrian capital became obvious in the second half of the 19. century when the face of the city changed thanks to rapid development and reconstruction of vast parts of the city, with the architectural expression of the new buildings honoring mostly classicist aesthetics.

Historical and natural sites

Vienna is full of historical sites in the city center, but also in the city surroundings. One of the most beautiful is indeed the imperial palace Schönbrunn with its vast gardens. The palace is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list already since 1996. When visiting the city, one definitely can´t overlook the gothic cathedral Stephansdom, with its 137 meters high tower. Just a short walk away is the castle complex of Hofburg, for centuries hosting Austria´s rulers.

Culture all around

If you are a lover of classical music, theaters or museums, you´ll find an abundance of opportunities to enjoy what you love. The atmosphere of this city inspired great artists such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert or Gustav Mahler. The passion for beautiful music is evident also during concerts of one of the best symphonic orchestras in the world - the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - and opera performances. If you enjoy adrenaline, you´ll definitely love one of the oldest amusement parks - Prater. Animal-lovers will appreciate also the oldest ZOO in the world, located in the Schönbrunn gardens. You and your company can also enjoy and explore the beautiful streets of Vienna thanks to our active team building game with tablets Treasure Hunt Vienna.

How to get there?

Vienna is very close not only to our heart, but also to our geographical location. Coming from the Czech Republic, you can cross the border in Nová Bystřice, Halámky or Mikulov. If you want to avoid searching for a convenient parking spot in the city center you can also use train and bus connections going from Prague, Brno and České Budějovice.


Vienna is a popular destination also during winter, when many people love to go there for traditional Christmas markets, opened from the middle of November until Christmas. Enjoy holiday atmosphere with mulled wine and Christmas cookies! 

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