Pilsen the city of delicious beer and great hockey

Pilsen the city of delicious beer and great hockey

The city of Pilsen (Plzeň) with its 170 thousand inhabitants is the fourth biggest city in Czech Republic. Mentioned in the written records for the first time at the end of 10th century, it a place where great gastronomy, quality high education and culture meet. In 2015 Pilsen became the European capital of culture.

Author: Hana Šormová


Pilsen, as we know it now, was founded by king Vaclav II in the end of 13th century, a few kilometres from its predecessor Starý Plzenec. The main reason for construction of a new settlement was amelioration of the strategic position of the city. This move was successful, as Pilsen became an important trade crossroads between the Czech and German countries.

The star of Pilsen shone the brightest when, during the rule of Rudolf II, it became the capital city of the Holy Roman Empire. The ruler was stayed there for several months to escape the plague. Today, the importance of Pilsen lies mostly in its developed technical industries, mainly represented by Škoda Transportation, its brewery producing delicious beers and its ice-hockey team.

Places to visit in Pilsen

Pilsen offers its visitors wide variety of sightseeing, cultural and educational places you shouldn’t miss. Historical center of the city offers beautiful architectural and natural spaces, such as Štruncovy sady or St. Bartholomew cathedral, as well as multiple theatres, restaurants and other activities.

One of the must-see places is the Big Synagogue, which is the third biggest synagogue in the world.

What else can Pilsen offer

Shortly - a lot. Sport fans will enjoy its successful ice hockey and football club and families shouldn’t miss interactive center Techmania or Pilsen’s zoological garden with its neighbouring Dinopark.
In this beautiful and active city we offer team game with tablets Treasure Hunt Pilsen, or an adrenaline outdoor program on the near Točník Castle.

Local specialities

Probably the most famous of Pilsen’s products is its beer. Two big and successful breweries are producing beer in the city - Pilsner Urquel and Gambrinus. If the name “pilsner” rings a bell, it should - this brewery gave us pilsner beer, now famous all around the world. It is worth visiting these two breweries, learn more about how beer is produced and taste their signature and special beers.

How to get there and where to stay

Pilsen is around 100 km from the Czech capital city of Prague, from where you can reach this West Bohemian metropole using highway D5. Pilsen is also comfortably reachable from Germany. For those who prefer to leave their car at home (and maybe plan on discovering local breweries) we recommend using trains. 

​As simple as getting to Pilsen is also staying there.
You can choose from a variety of hotels, hostels and Airbnb options. If your priority is staying in the city center, count with a bit higher price.