On-line Battle for the White House
Remote option of creative team building program

On-line Battle for the White House is a virtual company program focusing on the development of creativity, time management and strategic thinking. You will become part of a fictitious fight for the presidency.
Event length 2-3 hrs
Number of people 8-20
Physical demands low
Financial demands lower to medium

About event

On-line option of creative team building program Battle for the White House. The global pandemic has caused the presidential race to move fully into virtual space.

Marketing teams that try to push their candidates to head of the state can no longer use standard marketing tools. Billboards, public debates and meetings with voters have been replaced by social media posts, streaming videos and working with online media.

For a while, your colleagues will become predatory marketing experts whose task will be to create video spots, press releases and posts for the presidential campaign. The goal is to influence public opinion to make sure their presidential candidate has won.

Technical Details of On-line Program

For communication between the moderator, lecturers and participants we use programs Zoom (recommended, because it allows you to create so-called Breakout Rooms), MS Teams or Webex.

We also use the YouTube Stream, on which "marketing election teams" will watch current television news. The teams will have to respond accordingly to these news.

Participants will need a computer, mobile phone and internet connection for the program.

Program Process

The program begins with a streamed news entry, during which participants learn about the relentless pre-election battle of both candidates, their preferences, and especially about the shocking incident of one of them. They are then divided into two teams, and given the first tasks by the event moderator.

The individual teams will move to their own virtual spaces (Breakout Rooms), where they will have to complete these tasks. They will have to use all their knowledge and skills to create the best possible PR background for their candidate. Their goal is to "push" their candidate to the president´s chair.

Creating Strategy and Media Outlets

Teams will create strategies, media posts (videos shot on mobile phones, press releases, posts on social networks) and monitor the reactions of the other party. The teams thus complete several rounds and the whole program ends with the election and inauguration of a new president.

Fun and Development

The program focuses on supporting creativity, time management and presentation skills. The participants will have a great time during the race. If you would like to get the most out of this program, we recommend implementing its development variant.

Each team will observe one of our lecturers, who will watch the behavior of the team throughout the race and will help with the coordination of individual tasks.

After completing all rounds of the program, he/she will be in charge of the team's reflection with the group output.



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